Druck DPI610 VIP KIT

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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Pressure Calibrator with Pneumatic Pump, 0.025%, 300 PSIG
  • Designed for ease of use while meeting a wide range of application needs including calibration, maintenance and commissioning. The dual parameter display shows INPUT and OUTPUT values in large clear digits. The P-I task configures the DPI610 to simultaneously display the INPUT and OUTPUT current.
  • Accuracy: 0.025% FS for all pressure ranges
  • Ranges Available: -14.7 to 10,000 PSI including gauge absolute & differential versions
  • Integral pneumatic pressure/vacuum source: -22 in Hg to 300 PSI
  • Pressure Source: 0 to 600 PIS
  • Measure: Pressure, mA, V, Switch state (open/closed) and ambient temperature
  • Source: Pressure, mA step, mA value
  • Data Storage: 10,000 values
  • Remote Pressure Sensors: up to 10 digitally characterized sensors per calibrator
  • Pressure Port: 1/8 NPT (Female)
  • Release Valve: Vent and controlled release
  • Volume Adjuster: Fine pressure adjustment
  • 500 PSI Dirt/Moisture Trap:
  • The IDT600-2 is an effective barrier for protecting portable pressure calibrators against the ingress of dirt and moisture which may be present in the gaseous pressure media or pneumatic devices under test
  • Installed directly onto the standard calibrator pressure port, regular use of the IDT600-2 will prevent contamination of the calibrator pneumatic system, improving its long term reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

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