GE Panametrics

GE Panametrics 703-1141-06

Overview : Product HighlightsOptional pressure and temperature inputs used to calculate various parametersCalibrations traceable to National Institute of Standa..


GE Panametrics DEW.IQ-311-0

Overview : Product HighlightsRack, bench, panel (1/8 DIN), and wall mount configurationsNEMA 4 weatherproof membrane front display/keypadM Series or IQ.probe mo..


GE Panametrics DEWIQ-231-0

Overview : Product HighlightsBench Top ConfigurationNEMA 4 Weatherproof Membrane Front Display/KeypadM Series or IQ.Probe Moisture Probe CompatibleDisplays Mois..


GE Panametrics DEWIQ-331-0

Overview : Product HighlightsPanel MountSingle Channel Moisture Analyzer100/120 VAC US NEMA Straight PlugPanel Mount ConfigurationNEMA 4 Weatherproof Membrane F..


GE Panametrics DEWIQ-361-0

Overview : Product Highlights Rack, bench, panel (1/8 DIN), and wall mount configurations NEMA 4 weatherproof membrane front display/keypad M Series or IQ.prob..


GE Panametrics DEWIQ-461-0

Overview : Product HighlightsWall Mount (NEMA 4X/IP66)Single Channel Moisture Analyzer100 to 240 VACWall Mount ConfigurationNEMA 4 Weatherproof Membrane Front D..


GE Panametrics FGA311-111-10

Overview : Product HighlightsIn situ flue gas transmitterFast, easy installation and serviceField-programmable rangesRS232 communicationsTemperature up to 1050C..


GE Panametrics HYGROPRO-1-1-R-1-0-0-0-0

Overview : Product HighlightsAmbient to ppb moisture measurement Three-function capability with aluminum oxide moisture sensor, temperature thermistor and press..


GE Panametrics IQPROBE-2RG-200-0

Overview : Product HighlightsMicroprocessor Based IQ Series Moisture Probe with Thin Film Sensor AZTestMeasure carries an extensive inventory of calibration d..


GE Panametrics M2LR



GE Panametrics M2LR-00-010-0

Overview : Product Highlights Calibrated M-Series Probe with thin film aluminum oxide moisture sensor Calibration range of -80 to +20 deg C dew/frost point wit..


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