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Overview :

Product Highlights

  • Save over $393 with the PIE 820ELITE F VIP Kit.
  • Limited Time Offer.
  • FREE Fenix TK75 LED Searchlight, 4,000 Lumens with Batteries and Charger
  • FREE 128 Pack of Green Calibration Labels
  • Lighten up your toolbox - Compact calibrator replaces toolbox of single function devices Milliamp Voltage Frequency pH  Thermocouples RTDs Check Continuity  Pressure
  • Technician friendly operation - Intuitive EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes it easier to setup than other multifunction calibrators. Similar to the single function PIE Calibrators.
  • Use it as a milliamp and voltage calibrator
    • Source 0 to 24.000 mA, 0 to 10.250 V dc, -20.000 to 99.999 mV and -500.00 to 999.99 mV
    • Read to 24.000 mA, 60.00 V dc 99.999 mV and 999.99 mV Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters
    • Simulate 2-Wire Transmitters
    • Power up transmitters & loops with the built-in 24 V power supply
    • Simplify HART hookups with built-in 250 Ohm resistor
  • Troubleshoot loop problems- Quickly diagnose ground fault and current leakage with patented loop diagnostic technology (US Patent 7,248,058).
  • Calibrate directly in temperature to 0.1C &0.1 F - Compatible with the instruments you use including all brands of smart transmitters and PLCs with 14 thermocouple & 9 RTD types.
  • Checkout flow and vibration systems - Source & read frequency to 2000 CPM (Counts-Per-Minute), 999.99 Hz, 9999.9 Hz & to 20.000 kHz.
  • Troubleshoot loop & wiring problems - Beep out connections with the built-in continuity checker
  • Simulate pH probes into transmitters & analyzers - Source from 0.000 to 14.000 pH @ 25C (77F) corresponding to -414.12 to +414.12 mV
  • Measure pressure with optional pressure modules - 32 modules for gauge, differential, compound and absolute pressure
  • Easy to read - Turn on the backlight & easily see the display in dark areas of the plant.
  • Quickly set any three outputs plus automatic stepping & ramping - Easily set any value with the adjustable DIAL plus store any three output settings for instant recall with the EZ-CHECK switch. 2, 3, 5 & 11 steps automatically increment output in 100%, 50%, 25% or 10% of span. Select RAMP to smoothly increase and decrease the output. Set step/ramp time to 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 60 seconds.
  • Measure temperature sensors, frequency pickups, loop currents, voltage levels & pressures - Check the values of your process sensors. Instantly recall MAX and MIN values to see process variability
  • Evolutionary design - PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that designed and built the calibrators manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label. The PIECAL 820 improves upon other brands by including a rubber boot, a backlit display with larger digits, higher accuracy and more ranges for greater flexibility.

* PIECAL Calibrators are not manufactured or distributed by Fluke Corp or Altek Industries Inc, manufacturers of Altek Calibrators.

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