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Product Highlights

  • Save over $393 with the PIE 830 F VIP Kit.
  • Limited Time Offer.
  • FREE Fenix TK75 LED Searchlight, 4,000 Lumens with Batteries and Charger
  • FREE 128 Pack of Green Calibration Labels
  • Detect hidden loop problems: Quickly diagnose troublesome ground faults & current leakage with patented Loop Diagnostic technology. These problems are undetectable with other instruments!
  • Check all loop parameters at once with the LoopScope: Simultaneously displays current, voltage and resistance to let you know the condition of a live loop. Finds problems with power supplies & loops with too many loads. Patented by PIE!
  • Automatically detect 2, 3 or 4 wire RTDs: Trouble shoot sensor connections and find broken wires with patented technology. LCD indicates which of the four wires are connected to an RTD sensor
  • Swap out faulty transmitters to diagnose control issues: Easily setup the 830 as a universal isolated transmitter for temperature, frequency, millivolt or pressure. If the loop is back under control you know the transmitter was faulty. Turn on the     LoopScope to     simultaneously see the loop current, power supply voltage and loop loads for troubleshooting
  • Technician friendly operation Intuitive EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes it easier to setup than other multifunction calibrators. As easy to use as single function PIE Calibrators. Turn on the backlight to easily see the display in dark areas of the plant. Connections diagrams are indicated on the display for each function along with a labeled connector and a help chart behind the tilt stand.
  • Calibrate with Confidence Accurate to 0.02% of Reading + 0.01% Full Scale.
  • Measure temperature sensors, frequency pickups, loop currents, voltage levels & pressures Check the values of your process sensors. Instantly recall MAX and MIN values to see process variability.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility with process inputs Compatible with the instruments you use including all brands of smart transmitters and PLCs with 14 T/C and 9 RTD types to 0.1C and 0.1F Quickly set any three outputs plus automatic stepping & ramping Easily set any value with the adjustable DIAL plus store any three output settings for instant recall with the EZ-CHECK switch. 2, 3, 5 & 11 steps automatically increment output in 100%, 50%, 25% or 10% of span plus continuous ramp. Set step/ramp time to 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 & 60 seconds.

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