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Ridgid Tools 14053



Ridgid Tools 14058

Overview : Product Highlights2" to 12" Lines up to 325; 2" 90s, 3" P-traps Ideal for where portability and maneuverability are crucial; multi-story buildings, r..


Ridgid Tools 14063



Ridgid Tools 20973

Overview : Product HighlightsThe RIDGID Inductive clamp allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe when connecting directly to the target conductor is no..


Ridgid Tools 21898

Overview : Product HighlightsDirect Connect using attached ClipsInduction from optional Inductive Signal Clamp Induction from the Tranmsitter CoilsFrequencies 1..


Ridgid Tools 22163

Overview : Product HighlightsSeekTech Receivers with their large display give you the information you need when you need it to locate more with greater certaint..


Ridgid Tools 26168

Overview : Product HighlightsInduce over 8 times more current than the competition onto a target lineMore current means that you can walk and trace further than..


Ridgid Tools 26668

Overview : Product Highlights Accessory for the SeeSnake micro Inspection Camera 17 millimeters Comes with a mirror hook and magnet Weighs 1/8 pound..


Ridgid Tools 32668

Overview : Product HighlightsLithium-Ion Battery Power allows you to run on one RIDGID 2.2A 18V Li-Ion Battery for up to 5 hours. Improved LCD Display with lar..


Ridgid Tools 32903

Overview : Product HighlightsHigh-resolution monitorPush button controls for sound, power, lights, flip screen, and zeroing the counterSplash-resistant case wit..


Ridgid Tools 33198

Overview : Product HighlightsFully Weatherized Design lets you take the DVDPak2 into whatever situation you may run into. Exceptional DVD Burning Reliability t..


Ridgid Tools 35183

Overview : Product Highlights100 microReel L100C w/Sonde and Counter..


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